Providing Wedding Photography & Videography in Mankato, MN


The video allows us to relive the beautiful ceremony as often as we want. Photograghs are great to have but hearing all the music and the vows is so special. The toasts made at the reception and seeing the first dances bring back so many memories of a wonderful day. -Linda S.

The video presentation was terrific. Matt captured the beauty of the wedding ceremony to the fun at the reception without missing a thing. They were there as part of picture taking, the party bus, the great speeches and the funnest dance party ever. -Scott K.

Matt is very professional and extremely good at what he does. He incorporated many different camera angles for the same situation which seemed to add a certain "lifelike" feel to the video of our wedding ceremony. Music and voices were crystal clear as Matt made sure to mic the appropriate persons to get the best sound for the video. ... -Brian W.

We loved the whole video. We had a lot of laughs rewatching our ceremony, dinner and reception. However, the BEST part of the video were the interviews! We had no idea that was going to happen and seeing our family and friends say their own special blessings was amazing. They caught everything and more. We could hear every word of the ceremony ... -Kaitlin B.